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2001: A Space Odyssey

Here's my first blog! I refer to the cult sci-fi film, as I feel like the ape who comes across the mysterious black monolith in the concluding scenes of the film - he (or she) starts tentatively circling and stroking it in wonder, pondering what on earth it is and what it is for (if I recall it correctly). I can see the blog and, like the monolith, it looks bright and shiny new and invites a caress, but I'm not sure exactly what it is or what to do with it.

I don't intend to bore everyone with costs talk, as that's what I do every day in other spheres, so I'll give it a rest here to mutual benefit. I have thought of turning it into a regular soap of everyday costing folk, where I can create characters based on those who cross me in the world of costs and ridicule them in anonymity (don't worry, I'm only joking, but Dickens apparently did this in his novels, so I'd be in good company, if constantly in court). Another version of this would be to create a costs super-hero in a lycra suit with fists of steel, who goes around rescuing distressed citizens plagued with costs problems.

As you can see, writing a blog can make you nuts when you're released from the strict confines of a legal life. I think I'm going to quite enjoy it. And if anyone is reading and has suggestions for what the costs super-hero should be called, what characteristics they should have, whether male/female, their day job cover, if they are romantically entwined, colour of their super-suit (you get the idea…), please blog it to me. I have to go now to write the first exciting instalment of Costsman...


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